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Can you survive the death of the cookie?

By: Julie Diebold

Marketers have been talking about it for some time now, however, this year, the cookie will finally be taking its last breath. The news comes in the wake of Google’s recent decision to ban cookies on its browser, along with a slew of other new regulations such as GDPR and anti-privacy sentiments dominating the internet. The death of the cookie is bound to shake programmatic and to force marketers to find more viable alternatives to harvesting data.

How Google is Branching out to Bring Programmatic to Headphones and Billboards

Another major innovation came when Google announced it was going to be using its platform, DoubleClick Bid Manager, to begin offering programmatic ads which can be placed on various audio platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Pandora, and Google Play Music.

Deutsche Telekom Utilizes Hybrid Models in Programmatic Ad Strategy

There are strengths and weaknesses inherent with in-house and agency programmatic buying and want a way to leverage the advantages of each while avoiding the pitfalls

What the GDPR Could Mean for the Future of Programmatic Advertising

Media buyers are now moving the majority of their programmatic spend away from audience targeting in favour of contextual targeting strategies or direct deals with publishers.

Is Blockchain Technology the Key to the Future of Programmatic?

One of the most promising uses for blockchain technology in the programmatic advertising space is as a way of combatting the rise of bots. The bots in question are designed to commit ad fraud.

Nestlés' Programmatic Marketing Strategy Adds Transparency and Visibility

Those agencies which can offer disclosed contracts and prove they have nothing to hide are likely to see more success in the coming years when compared to those who remain nontransparent.

"View Fraud" Costing Advertisers Billions: How Top Advertisers are Cutting Wasted Spend [Survey Results]

We asked 100 Heads of Online and Digital Marketing from some of the top advertisers how they’re developing strategies to cope with challenges around viewability and transparency.

The Top Programmatic Advertising Challenges & How They're Being Addressed [Survey Results]

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