Meet Our Speaker: Zsofia Toth, Global Programmatic & Ad Tech Lead, Euronews

By: Zsofia Toth, Global Programmatic & Ad Tech Lead, Euronews

What was your main challenge in the programmatic space in 2020 and how did you tackle it?

Growing revenue whilst being cost-effective. We worked hard to maintain the programmatic revenue levels YoY with additional help from our direct sales teams. We started to see more direct programmatic deals coming through whilst also optimizing the OMP stack. TCF 2.0 tested us, but I believe with the help and cooperation of different departments we identified and corrected the initial issues.

We also introduced new technologies and partners with a focus on AMP inventory. We also made the decision to bring our pre-bid HB solution fully in-house for 2021. 2020 was a unique year not only for us but everyone in digital.

Where do you see the opportunity for Programmatic to grow in 2021?

First of all, further understanding our inventory and audience/demand to be able to determine our future strategy and optimize Euronews digital revenue streams in the best possible way. For these objectives, we need a comprehensive inventory audit, with a unified reporting capability on specific needs.

One of the biggest opportunities is in 1st party audience and actionable publisher data. We need to establish compelling stories based on our learnings to approach our prospects with well-tailored programmatic offers.

Tell us something you are missing that you could not do in 2020

Our HB in-housing and cross team reporting projects were put on hold, but now we are in a good place to finish these projects for 2021.

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