Programmatic Pioneers Summit EU 2020

02 - 03 June, 2020

Twickenham Stadium, London

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Creatively Tailoring Programmatic: A 2019 Benchmarking Report

Marketing technology has made huge strides towards advanced personalisation in the past few years, and as customers become more used to targeted content, Programmatic Marketing will need to up its game to generate engagement. Frontrunners of the industry have been re-evaluating how they use personal data, and focusing on creative new ways to tailor content across multiple channels. In Q1 of 2019 WBR Insights surveyed 100 Heads of Programmatic from across Europe to find out more about the challenges they face, and the innovative solutions they bring to the table. 

From Pixels to People - A Programmatic Pioneers Report

Great brands are built and optimised over decades. Now, with greater emphasis placed on online, marketers now have the ability to analyse and optimise in real time. This shift has not only provided benefits, but has also presented several hurdles. How marketers are dealing with these was the subject of our recent research.

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