Why we Sponsor Programmatic Pioneers

Echte Lieve is a full-service agency for programmatic marketing based in the heart of Cologne (Germany). Together with their team of 28 co-workers, the company founders Sena Berglar, Mark Elsner and Siamac Alexander Rahnavard convert marketing strategies into programmatic strategies and implement them with loving attention to detail.

We spoke to Echte Lieve to see why they sponsor Programmatic Pioneers

Who: Echte Lieve

Where: Programmatic Pioneers

When: June 2019

Benefits: Attention grabbing, opportunities to showcase products and services & getting a leading edge on the competition

“This is our first time sponsoring Programmatic Pioneers, the reason for choosing to sponsor at Programmatic Pioneers is because of the people that are here, and we know we will be meeting with the right people.

The quality of delegates on site have been great, this has been the first event that we have been to where there has been so many decision makers in one place. Our sponsorship account manager has made sure we have been introduced to the right people, making sure we make something out of the companies that are here, because when you have new contacts there is great opportunity for new clients.”

“It has been so interesting to hear from people in the same field, there has been some really interesting topics being discussed in the talks. It has been great to hear about companies’ experiences and what works for them, and being able to give information on how our service can work for them.

It has become important for Echte Lieve to attend Programmatic Pioneers, we will definitely be attending again, because you always are discussing the newest trends in the sector, and it’s something we know we simply have to be part of.

If you’d like to join Echte Lieve at Programmatic Pioneers then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.