Programmatic Pioneers Summit EU 2020

01 - 03 June, 2020

Twickenham Stadium, London

1st June Data Platform Evaluation Day

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Registration and Networking Lunch

CDP vs. DMP Evaluation Day

1:30 pm - 1:50 pm OPENING CEO KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: How can you navigate the cookie-less era to build a winning data strategy for programmatic success?

·         Navigating the data privacy landscape: How can the industry ensure respect for internet users’ legal rights using a system that still enables revenue for publishers and audiences for advertisers?
·         How can the industry guarantee that the information provided to both consumers and organisations participating in real time bidding (RTB) is accurate and gives them visibility over the lineage of their data?
·         How to tackle the lack of standard practice in the industry when a bid request data is shared, secured and deleted across the data supply chain

1:50 pm - 2:30 pm INDUSTRY KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: DMP, CDP or a bit of both?: How can you identify, select and implement the right data platform for your business to achieve greater ROI from your programmatic marketing today and tomorrow?

·         With over 1,000 companies competing in the DMP and CDP sphere, how can brands cut through the noise and select a platform that truly meet the needs of their business?
·         What is the difference between a DMP and a CDP, and can they be complementary?  ‘With a limited budget for one solution, how can you identify the platform that meets your business needs?
·         The importance of achieving easy consolidation of disparate, unstructured data into a single platform: How to achieve a holistic view of the entire audience, as well as the ability to drill down into individual customer data
·         How to build custom audience and segmentation functions through data processes including lookalike modelling, machine learning and predictive profile generation
Marek Lacina, Programmatic Director at

Marek Lacina

Programmatic Director

David Costa, Programmatic & Search Tech Lead at Bayer

David Costa

Programmatic & Search Tech Lead

Oscar López Cuesta, Head of Audience & Data Management Platform at Orange

Oscar López Cuesta

Head of Audience & Data Management Platform

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: Hear from the market leaders – Which new DMP, CDP and data technology tools are available on the market now and how can you best leverage these capabilities to improve your programmatic targeting?

Listen to a 5 minute innovation pitch from each provider to fully understand

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Refreshment Break

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm MEET THE PROVIDERS: Evaluate the latest data platforms with your peers to decide on who is best placed to increase your customer reach

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Programmatic Pioneers Summit Welcome Drinks Reception