Programmatic Pioneers Summit 2019

15 - 16 May, 2019


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[Infographic] From Pixels to People


Online marketing is in a state of flux. The shifting landscape is being rocked by factors as diverse as fraud and ad-blocking software. In this environment brand marketers face a myriad of challenges as they compete to reap the potential benefits offered by unprecedented market access.

Great brands are built and optimised over decades. Now, with greater emphasis placed on online, marketers now have the ability to analyse and optimise in real time.

This shift has not only provided benefits, but has also presented several hurdles. How marketers are dealing with these was the subject of our recent research.

We interviewed 100 senior marketers from some of Europe’s most well known brands, to find out how they are responding to these tectonic shifts.

Here is a snapshot of the results.

50% of brand marketers have a higher online advertising budget than offline, it looks like that TV money has finally moved. As budgets have shifted online, proving the ROI is key to ensuring that's where it stays.

The biggest challenges faced by brand marketers in terms of adopting programmatic marketing is understanding the complexity and nuances of the ecosystem. Inventory quality comes in a close second but as ever beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Remnant inventory may by considered premium depending on the marketers goals.

20% of companies surveyed are now running their programmatic marketing in-house and have completely moved away from working with agencies.

The vast majority however 72% are still collaborating with agencies to execute their campaigns with just 8% outsourcing all part to agencies.